A bear market forces you to re-evaluate your beliefs in a project. A bear market is almost like a mirror starring back at you. What are the reasons you’re buying into a project for? Its current value? Its working product? Its hype? Possibly, a combination of these traits coupled with…

The Power of Stories Over Statistics

We can easily track and measure the numbers of an NFT game, but it is immensely difficult to put a finger on whether the NFT game will be fun. It is dangerous to be obsessed with data and overly confident in evaluation models, because NFT games slip into the category…

As we grow older, we discover more hidden pulse points of the calendar. It is our spiritual anchor. These are the sweet spots, the idylls, the dreary routines punctuated by the occasional tragedies in life. Ironically, we live for the temporal; for it is one of the closest things to…

It gets dangerous when we learn to love in less volatile, precarious ways. Even more dangerous when we learn to live in less volatile, precarious ways.

I don’t know her name. I only know she enjoys drawing different kinds of flowers on long bus trips. I only know she don’t take milk in her tea. I only know she planned out a different coloured hairband for each day of the trip. Maybe I’ll bump into you…

I’d like to say two things. Firstly, I enjoyed watching Season 5 of Money Heist. I’m glad the show has come to an end. I am for the idea that some things need to be temporal enough for us to truly appreciate the beauty it beholds. Secondly, I wrote this

Nearing to December every year, I tend to write lesser. Instead of an article, here is a quote:

“Judge us on our ability to pivot, move forward, and our continued promise to create a game and company that will last years.”

I look forward to revisiting this sentiment again in Dec 2022.

My Two Cents: Good NFT games are resistant to bear markets.

7 Factors That Determine A Good NFT Game:

1. Is the art style unique?
2. If this is a non-NFT game, would you play it?
3. Is the game genre popular? (MMORPG, MOBA, First-person shooter, etc.)

Founder and Team’s Past Experiences and Successes
1. Have they created an actual working game?
2. Are they experienced with integrating blockchain tech…

Terence C.

There is a fine line between fishing and doing nothing. We would like to think that we’re fishing, but the truth is we don’t have the line.

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