How Can We Create A Good Claw Machine Setup?

Terence C.
2 min readJan 31, 2021

If you’re able to fulfill these conditions, I’m sure you’ve created a fun playground.

Skill-Based Claw Machine Setup:
1. Big Swing
2. Low payout rate
3. High claw strength
4. High quantity of items
5. No dead spots or corners
6. Clean and neat-looking environment
7. Low chute (Preferably 1/5 height of item)
8. Item is able to slip off from the claw from the 1st-storey
9. Able to suck item off and into the chute from the 2nd-storey
10. Able to pull item nearer to the chute through a systematic way

Luck-Based Claw Machine Setup:
1. High claw strength
2. Able to win within 1 try
3. No dead spots or corners
4. Clean and neat-looking environment
5. Able to catch the bait / item 99% of the time
6. A 5-year-old kiddo should understand how to win the setup
7. Every play to have an “almost win” feeling akin to a low chute
8. High quantity of bait / item (1 capsule vs 5 capsules per catch)
9. Every play to possess the same amount of possibility in winning
10. Absolutely zero skills required (No need to swing or aim properly)

Whether it is a Skill-Based or a Luck-Based claw machine setup, humans naturally only return to machines they have won before. If you’re able to fulfill these conditions and players are not returning to play your setup, chances are you’ve made it too difficult. You got the 1st step right, you got them to try. Now you have to get the 2nd step right, you have to let them win. Remember, once they brand you as impossible, they won’t return. You don’t lose one customer, you lose their friends too.



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