How Can We Learn The Art of Flipping (Part 3)

When it comes to flipping, how much you earn depends on how much you have, and how much you have increases exponentially when flipping is done right.

Previously, I’ve written about what types of items to aim for. Mainly, the item would most probably be a (1) powerful equipment, (2) beautiful skins/mounts/pet, (3) useful consumables, (4) rare requisite for a quest or a combination of these qualities. Once an item fulfills these criteria with a potential 10–30% profit when it is being flipped, the best way to know its daily volume would be testing a couple of them in the market. I believe, with enough time and effort, everyone is able to pick a couple of winning items to flip. However, many of us are often stuck in a particular stage where we don’t grow and expand. Specifically, we simply flip the same items. As our buying capacity increases, the volume of the same item may not necessarily increase. Hence, we need to grow and expand our list of items to flip.

In my opinion, there are three main phases of flipping dependent on how much you have.

Phase 1: Poor
Profit: 10–20%
To Note: Low profit margin, High volume
To-Buy Item 1: Cheap consumable (E.g. EXP Boost)
To-Buy Item 2: Cheap consumable (E.g. Healing Potion)
To-Buy Item 3: Cheap quest material
To-Buy Item 4: Cheap crafting material

The most efficient way to transition from average to rich is to find a end-game winning product to flip than to remain average with most profits coming from common powerful equipment.

Like I said, if you often bid and buy an average of 30 armour a day, having more money to bid for the same piece of equipment makes little sense as there is a limited volume per day. The additional amount of money is put to better use when you accumulate enough to go for the next tier of equipment which will potentially generate better profits, despite lesser volume. If you’ve picked the right end-game item, the cost (or worth) will speak for itself. When it comes to pampering ourselves with the profits we’ve earned, the rule is to always have sufficient for us to continue flipping.



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Terence C.

Terence C.

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