Terence C.

Nov 7, 2021

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How To Earn 235 SLP Per Day In Axie Infinity?

At the time of this writing, 235 Sleep Love Potion (SLP) is worth USD $18. Yes, you can earn USD $18 daily from playing a NFT game. If you’re good enough, you can earn onwards of 5 digits from the game’s seasonal tournaments too. Want to know more about Axie Infinity?

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I’ve been playing Axie Infinity for a couple of months now, and by no means am I an expert in the game. However, I believe my experience and knowledge would serve as a guide to help you improve on your gameplay, and eventually assist you to earn more SLP and AXS. My highest rank in the game is Top 30, and I’ve been having tremendous success with a particular Plant-Bug-Aqua team.

In this article, I will break down exactly how to play this team, and I’m confident once you’re familiar with the strategy, you will be able to earn at least 235 SLP per day in Axie Infinity. Conservatively, we put our win-rate at 50%. With 3 Axies, you’ll have 20 energy on a daily basis. By using all 20 energy on PVP, and winning 10 matches with each match awarding you 21 SLP, you would earn 210 SLP. Next, simply complete your daily quest of winning 10 PVE battles and you’ll be able to claim another 25 SLP in less than 10 minutes. That is a total of 235 SLP. The details of the Axie team are as such:

Front-Line Axie: Plant
Back Card: Garish Worm/Sandal/Scarab
Mouth Card: Zigzag/Herbivore
Horn Card: Cactus
Tail Card: Hot Butt
Axie Stats Recommendation: 31 SPD, 59 HP

Mid-Line Axie: Bug
Back Card: Garish Worm/Sandal/Scarab
Mouth Card: Pincer
Horn Card: Parasite
Tail Card: Fish Snack
Axie Stats Recommendation: 31 SPD, 43/45 HP

Back-Line Axie: Aqua
Back Card: Goldfish
Mouth Card: Cute Bunny
Horn Card: Oranda
Tail Card: Nimo
Axie Stats Recommendation: 54 SPD

Early Game (Round 1 — 3)
There are a few things you want to take note of in the early game. Firstly, does the enemy have cards that allow them to steal or destroy your energy? Examples are “Serious”, “Goda”, “Rice” and “Antenna.” If they do, simply cast all your attacking cards and leave no energy behind. You can afford to do that with this team, as this team allows you to play aggressively. Secondly, in the event that the enemy is using a “Cute Bunny” team which can potentially put your front-line Plant in “Fear” and miss 2 consecutive turns, you should not attack solely with your plant. Ideally against a “Cute Bunny” team, you want to cast a total of 2 cards either from your Aqua or Bug, before you get your Plant to attack. An example is casting “Oranda” on your Aqua, “Pincer” from your Bug, then “Cactus” and “Hot Butt” from your Plant. The reason for this is because if you don’t have 2 turns before your Plant attacks and your Plant is in “Fear”, it will simply waste 2 turns and 2 cards for nothing.

Thirdly, if the enemy do not have cards that allow them to steal or destroy your energy, you can afford to pass on round 1, especially in the event that you do not have a good card draw. Fourthly, if the enemy has cards that allow them to backdoor your Aqua (E.g. “Little Owl” or “Toothless Bite”), it is highly advisable to use your Aqua as much as possible before it dies to a 4-card combo possibly from round 2 onwards. Next, there are some cards which you do not want to use for early game. These cards are “Nimo” and “Fish Snack”. You don’t want to use “Nimo” (Unless the enemy is in last stance), as generating additional energy means that the enemy has a chance to steal the energy from you, especially with the common usage of “Serious” from the enemy’s plant. You don’t want to use “Fish Snack”, as you’ll need it for mid-game to keep your bug alive. “Fish Snack” can be considered a defensive card due to its high shield, as well as its ability to stun the enemy if the enemy uses an Aqua or Bird card on your bug.

Moving on to your Plant, you do not want to use your healing mouth card (“Zigzag”/“Herbivore”) on round 1. You should only use the healing mouth cards when your Plant has half health, or you anticipate that with the amount of shield you can put up with your healing mouth cards, you can tank through the enemy’s attack and survive for 1 more round. A good example of when to use the healing mouth cards is when your plant has 180 HP. The enemy might gamble to deal around 200 HP to you, however with the shield of your healing mouth cards, your Plant is able to stay alive for 1 more round, and even gain back health with its healing ability. Also, you should try to discard as many cards from your enemy’s hands with the usage of “Pincer” and “Parasite” from your bug. In the event that your Plant is slower than the enemy’s front line, you can attempt to use “Cute Bunny” from your Aqua and a Bug card from your Plant, to put the enemy’s front line Axie in “Fear”. If the enemy only uses cards on his front line Axie, he will miss 2 consecutive turns.

Takeaways of Early Game (Round 1 — 3) Strategy:
- Do not use “Nimo” and “Fish Snack”
- Use “Cute Bunny” only when your card draw is terrible
- Use Plant’s healing cards only when Plant has been hurt
- Leverage on Plant’s high shield from its healing cards to keep it alive
- Spam Attacking Cards Like “Oranda”, “Garish Worm”, “Pincer”, “Parasite”, “Hot Butt” and “Cactus”

Mid Game (Round 3 — 6)
Your Plant should be dead by now. The enemy’s front line should also be dead by now. You should have “Nimo” on your aqua to gain energy. At the same time, if you didn’t use “Cute Bunny” in Round 1 and Round 2, you should have drawn a “Cute Bunny” in Round 3. Since your Aqua has high speed, and your Bug has low speed, it is a perfect pair to chain the “Cute Bunny” and put the enemy in “Fear”. As long as the enemy’s mid line Axie’s speed is between your Aqua and your Bug, there is a high chance that the enemy’s mid-line Axie would miss 2 consecutive attacks.

The most favourable scenario would be the enemy’s mid-line Axie being faster than his back-line Axie. However, if his back-line Axie is faster than his mid-line Axie, he can simply cast 2 cards from his back-line Axie to get rid of the “Fear” effect initiated by us, and continue his attacks from his mid-line Axie. But, we also need to take into consideration that the enemy is unlikely to have such a good draw of cards since we’ve been discarding his cards since Round 1 with our Bug’s “Pincer” and “Parasite”.

Now, what you want to do is to cast “Nimo” and “Cute Bunny” on your Aqua, and cast “Pincer” and “Fish Snack” on your Bug. As aforementioned, “Fish Snack” is the defensive card that keeps your Bug alive for at least 2 rounds in mid-game. If the enemy’s mid-line Axie is a Beast, your Aqua can easily clear him with 3 high damage Aqua cards. If the enemy’s mid-line Axie is a Reptile/Dusk, there is a need to do the “Cute Bunny” combo twice for 2 rounds. Since “Cute Bunny” is a bug card, it is super effective against Reptile and Dusks.

If the enemy’s mid-line Axie is an Aqua/Bird, both classes are unable to kill our Bug in 1 round, as “Fish Snack” would stun and make them miss one turn. The hardest match-up would be against a mid-line Plant that has the following skills: “Bidens”, “Zigzag”, “Cactus” and “Gravel Ant”. We have to take note of this meta as “Gravel Ant” would disable all melee cards. This means that before the enemy’s mid-line hit our Bug with “Gravel Ant”, we should optimally use our melee cards such as “Fish Snack” and “Pincer”.

Takeaways of Mid-Game (Round 3 — 6) Strategy:
- Use “Nimo” to start generating energy
- Save 1 “Goldfish” on your Aqua for the 1v1 battle in late game
- Use “Fish Snack” as a high shield Bug card and its “stun” ability
- Use “Cute Bunny” accompanied with 1 Bug card to trigger “Fear” effect

Late Game (Round 6 — 9)
There are 2 scenarios for late-game. The 1st scenario would be the enemy’s mid-line Axie is dead, and your Bug is still alive. In this case, there is a high chance that you’ve already won the game. In the event that your Aqua has “Cute Bunny”, you can simply put the enemy’s back-line Axie in “Fear” and make him miss 2 consecutive turns. Following after, your Bug is likely to stay alive, since it has high shield from “Garish Worm” and “Parasite”. In order to deal significant amount of damage to finish off your Bug, the enemy needs to cast at least 3 cards. In using so many cards and energy, the enemy is unlikely to do well in a 1v1 battle.

The 2nd scenario would be the enemy’s mid-line Axie is alive, whereas our Bug is dead. In this case, we need to conserve our energy well. Ideally, we want to use 1 “Nimo” and 1 “Goldfish” to finish off the enemy’s mid-line Axie. “Nimo” would generate an additional energy for us. Furthermore, in the event that the enemy hit us with his back-line Axie, the effects of “Goldfish” would give us a haste speed-up boost which allows us to go first on the next round. Ideally, we want to have 4 energy in the 1v1 battle, of which one of the cards we use must be “Goldfish”. If the enemy don’t die from the 4 high damage cards (A combination of Goldfish, Oranda and Cute Bunny), and he hits us, we’ll get another speed-up boost and we’ll go first on the next round to sweep him off.

However, there will be times when we can make do with 2 or 3 energy in a 1v1 situation, especially against Reptile/Dusk Terminators. Terminators generally have the following skillset (Snail Shell, Chomp, Lagging and Thorny Caterpillar). Snail Shell is a defensive card whereby if the enemy uses it, and your high damage card breaks through the shield of Snail Shell, you will be stunned and miss your subsequent attack. If you’re up against a Terminator in a 1v1 battle, you should not make the mistake of wasting a high damage attacking card on the turn whereby you’ll be stunned.

In a perfect scenario, you should be using “Cute Bunny” as your 1st card to deal onwards of 120+ damage to break his shield, you’ll be stunned on the 2nd turn, of which you’ll use “Nimo” as your 2nd card to clear away the stun, followed by 2 other high damage cards (1 of them being Goldfish) as your 3rd and 4th card. You wouldn’t be able to finish off the Terminator, however the Terminator wouldn’t be able to finish you off too. Also, since you’ve used Goldfish, the Terminator wouldn’t be able to cast a “Slow” debuff on you with the usage of “Lagging”, as every hit from him would only make you go faster on the next round. Following after, he is likely to cast “Snail Shell” again, so you’ll use 1 high damage card as your 1st card, “Nimo” as your 2nd card to clear away the stun, and another high damage card as your 3rd card to finish him off.

Takeaways of Mid-Game (Round 6 — 9) Strategy:
- Use “Nimo” to remove the “stun” effect effectively
- If Bug is still alive, use “Cute Bunny” on Aqua and 1 Bug card to instill “Fear”
- Against an enemy’s Aqua with “Koi”, you have to use 2 “Goldfish” to be faster
- Use “Cute Bunny” as your 1st card to break a Terminator’s “Snail Shell” shield
- Use “Goldfish”, so that when enemy hits you, you will go first on the next round

Closing Thoughts
You don’t need a ridiculously expensive team to earn 235 SLP a day. No doubt, this isn’t the most affordable team out there in the marketplace. Currently, the total cost of the team is around 0.3 ETH. But, I’m confident this team would bring you to at least Top 1,000 in the game and earn 21 SLP per win. Let’s break down how much time it would take to earn back your initial cost of the 3 Axies. At Ethereum’s current price of $4600, 0.3 ETH is equivalent to USD $1380. With a daily earning of 235 SLP (USD $18), it takes 77 days to earn back your initial cost of USD $1380. We’ve yet to take into consideration that you’re probably good enough to earn AXS from Axie Infinity’s seasonal tournaments. You can also stream your content on Twitch or make educational guides teaching new players how to get started on the game. When I first started Axie, I couldn’t find an in-depth tutorial. There were bits and pieces here and there, but there were a lot I didn’t understand. I’m glad after months of playing the game, I’m now in a position where I feel I can help the community with this article. I hope I’ve helped you, dear reader. Good luck, and I wish you all the best.


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