I Miss The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

Lately, I’ve been experiencing my sense of pace being either diminished or lost. It didn’t helped that I stumbled upon this phrase — “Reasons alone cannot motivate passion.” I know it is temporal, but it sucks to feel this way even if it is just awhile. So I decided to watch one of my favourite shows to get my brain into an aroused state of suggestibility and emotion to reconnect with feeling alive. I spent hours watching The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and it was the BEST decision made over the past couple of days. Yes, the show has ended, but I’m pretty certain most of us would prefer re-watching How I Met Your Mother and Friends as compared to starting a completely new show. Somehow, we get excited, elevated and to a certain extent; enlightened. Some of our favourite shows and movies have this amazing ability to get us thrilled and experience a sense of wonderment from the world.

From time to time when we find no fulfillment, meaning and purpose in the things that we do, we turn to these shows and movies to ignite the fire once more, and keep that spark alive in us.

I know there are 3 main components that can affect me, and I needed to bring them back into alignment.

Number one — Element. All of us have our own element that we strive in. Michael Jordan strives in basketball. If we take him out of basketball and put him into baseball, somehow no one remembers his career. We are talking about one of the best athletes of all time. If we feel that certain activities we do are taking more energy away from us as compared to giving us energy, we may want to consider a little tweak on these activities.

Number two — Environment. If we were to take a fish out of water, and give it a mansion and all the money in the world, it will still die. We need to navigate the waters to know what work for us. It is not the circumstances we confront that dictate the lives we experience, it is our choices we make that result in our entrances and exits. We cannot live a life of happenstance. We need to intentionally design and develop the environment we are in and ensure that it is serving the purpose of our progression.

Number three — Energy. We need to figure out the energy and frequency that we operate best in that will help us to strive harder than the day before. Do we work better when we bounce off high energy with our colleagues? Do we perform better when we are under high pressure? Or, do we produce better results when we have our own space? Are we more productive when there is less pressure involved? Given how the struggle is guaranteed, and the success is not, we want to optimise the struggle as much as possible to be an empowering experience as a worthwhile endeavour for any projects.

I felt that my energy was out of place for me, and I needed to do something to trigger certain contexts or concepts to kick-start my system. For those of you who do not know much about Craig Ferguson, he is a Scottish-American television host, comedian, author and actor. You may have seen him on The Late Late Show, Celebrity Name Game or Couple Thinkers. From my point of view, Craig Ferguson is someone who is not afraid to bare his vulnerability on national television and be unapologetically authentically him. In a place and time where everything is starting to become almost too curated and scripted, be it on social media or on TV live shows, he is somebody who talks about the ups and downs and everything in between.

Try watching an episode or two of The Late Late Show with Craig being the host and you’ll discover how genuine he is in wanting to know more about the interviewee, whoever it may be, as compared to promoting some of their latest projects or products.

You’ll probably find yourself relating to some of his wildly pessimistic thoughts, and laughing at absurd ridicules which you’ll never know if some of them are true as his real life experiences. Witty and humorous, he is often portrayed as a comedian. But if you spend enough time with him, you’ll understand that comedy is just a tool he can leverage on. He may not have everything figured out, and he has made tons of mistakes over the last few decades. However, he is not a rebel without a cause. He understands life so much more than many others, and he tries to deliver it in a way that he best possibly can, sometimes a little philosophical and sometimes a little too sexual.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and I know my description is such an understatement of the value he provides to the world.

It is perfectly fine that you’re not interested in Craig Ferguson, the point of this article is an emphasis on the various structures of support in our lives. Yes, it may seem ridiculous at first glance that I am actually putting focus on what we enjoy, but what I am trying to do is to put across the notion that understanding certain things can become a force multiplier. It is in some of our favourite shows and movies that channel and catalyze creativity in us. This is a reminder in the power of basics. For whatever reason you feel down, and you don’t want to let failure or a sense of failure wipe you out, it is not particularly helpful to simply know that this is the time that you should pick up and move on. It is so much easier to feel a sense of thrill and guide that energy in the direction you want it to flow. It is absolutely astonishing to me that I can watch a couple of episodes and immediately feel different with a heightened sense of energy to get back on track. Spend some time revisiting some of the people or things that you were once so obsessed with, and you may just find yourself falling in love all over again.

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