My Thoughts On Cryptocurrency

Terence C.
4 min readDec 17, 2017


Sometimes we get really triggered when people say things like “Oh, you should have done this, you should have done that.” It is very easy to sit on the sideline and talk about life, especially after an event has unfolded itself. It is simple to dwell and debate about what has happened, but it is totally different to envision it before it happens. Sometimes we listen to these people too quickly and we end up making the wrong decisions. Some of the worst decisions we’ve made, some of the worst comments we’ve said and some of the worst damage we’ve done to our relationships has been when we responded in a way that was too immediate. We didn’t take a pause. In the case that we did take a pause, was there too much ego on our side?

Because when the ego is present, we’re unwilling to listen to a different answer.

One of the simplest way to put this across is the clear distinction between puzzles and mysteries. Puzzles are things that have an answer. We may not know it right now, but we can figure it out. Mysteries are different. There is no clear answer to them. I believe a lot of the things that we assume are mysteries, are actually puzzles. I don’t think a subject matter will disclose its identity to us in the form of a mystery or a puzzle, but we can breach that gap by acquiring and harnessing information. Very often, the more information we have, the wider our perspectives become. It broadens our horizon in understanding ourselves and others, and proven to be immensely useful.

For starters, it can be easily converted into money; either saved or earned.

At this point in time, I believe there is a lot of misunderstanding on cryptocurrency being a mystery rather than a puzzle. We’ve witnessed the major impact of such a disruptive technology, at least on the economical scale, that it should warrant a certain degree of attention rather than just listening to hearsay on our morning commute to work. My take is that you can be a skeptic against the idea of a decentralised digital currency or we may be a far cry from such an environment, however we cannot ignore the fact that it is inevitable — for better or worse. It happened to the Internet. There are many advantages, but I’m pretty certain we can dig out an equal or even more amount of harm that it can dish out to us. It happened to social media too. We can sit in a circle and discuss about the pros and cons, but it is still here to stay. It is similar to us as well. We are probably years and decades away from the person we want to be, but it doesn’t matter. It is not about who we are right now, but it is about us continuing to work to become and the price we are willing to pay to get there.

We understand that if we are not growing, we’re backsliding.

I believe this notion applies the same to cryptocurrency too. The first or second generation of cryptocurrency will make mistakes, similar to how as a child, we learn to walk by falling. However, there will be a practical point when it eventually rolls out on a global scale. If you’ve done your research and agree with me, then you’ll understand that this isn’t miraculous when it actualizes, it is actually pretty obvious.

So, my question is — What do you do with this piece of knowledge?

Even if we see talent in a kid, it is still a huge stretch that the kid will become the best in the world. Even if we see potential in a specific digital currency, it is still a huge stretch that it will be applicable in the world. The reason why cryptocurrency is a showstopper for me is because, I sincerely believe that an avalanche of amazing things are going to befall upon anyone who is willing to put in the amount of preparation it takes to understand what makes a relevant digital currency. These people are the ones that others will point to in the next decade or so and say that they are lucky in making a fortune, but they know for certain that luck is preparation and hardwork meeting opportunity.

A lot of people are going to downplay or are already downplaying the amount of preparation it takes to achieve something impressive, and luck is by far the most elusive factor in any journey.

If you’ve got some money that you can afford to risk, I strongly advise you to take a close look at some of the projects that emerging digital currencies are offering in the upcoming months and years. If you’ve done your preparation, you wouldn’t go into a panic attack when something goes wrong. Because anyone who doesn’t anticipate a curve ball is just not understanding the rules of the game. If you’ve done your preparation, then you’ll understand that there will be ups and downs, and the ones that will emerge as the best are the ones that deal with fear as a familiar task that is cloaked in a new environment. There are and will be a lot of unique life-changing experiences for each of us, however this is one which I hope to direct your current attention to, as it may just be the turning point that you need right now.



Terence C.

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