Ultimate Check List To Find Good NFT Games To Invest In

7 Factors That Determine A Good NFT Game:

1. Is the art style unique?
2. If this is a non-NFT game, would you play it?
3. Is the game genre popular? (MMORPG, MOBA, First-person shooter, etc.)

Founder and Team’s Past Experiences and Successes
1. Have they created an actual working game?
2. Are they experienced with integrating blockchain tech into games?
3. Do they reveal their faces? (Jokes aside, it adds a layer of credibility.)

Roadmap, Whitepaper, Vision, and Tokenomics
1. Is the team meeting deadlines?
2. Are there enough burning mechanics for the in-game coins?
3. Does the whitepaper makes sense? (E.g. Fluff words with no substance)

1. Is the Discord channel active with a healthy dose of skepticism?
2. Are there helpful moderators or team members responding to doubts?
3. Does the conversations focus more on price action or game development?

Genesis Characters
1. Are there tangible benefits from holding genesis characters?
2. Are the supply of genesis characters capped or are they breed-able?
3. How are genesis characters more superior or unique than Gen 2 characters?

1. Is there a minimum lock-up rental period and for how long?
2. Can newcomers rent in-game characters and try the game with ease?
3. Is security compromised on either ends (Renter & Rentee) of the trade?

1. What is the hook of the game that players are constantly returning for?
2. Is the game competitive enough to be made into worldwide tournaments?
3. Are there many player-controlled variables that increases game’s intensity?

5 Factors That Affect The Price Of A NFT Gaming Governance Coin

The earlier you invest in the game, the more risk you take, the more potential reward you reap. Likewise, the later you invest in the game, the less risk you take, the less potential reward you reap. How developed does a game need to be for you to have the confidence to invest in it? We all have different answers.

Official Game’s Marketplace Launch (OpenSea is Secondary Market)
1. Does the marketplace reduce large amounts of transaction fees?
2. Can the marketplace manage thousands of transaction per second?
3. Is the marketplace intuitive enough for newcomers to rent characters?

Official Game Launch (Not to be confused with Alpha or Beta)
1. Can the game manage over 100k active players per day?
2. Are automated bots prevented from farming within the game?
3. Can players claim their in-game earnings seamlessly into their wallets?

Major Exchange Coin Listing (E.g. Binance, Coinbase, FTX)
1. Did the IDO / IEO sell out within minutes?
2. Is the pre-sale available for everyone or specific tasks need to be done?
3. Did the coin stable in price after smaller exchanges/platforms listed it?

Available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and PC
1. Are there bugs to be exploited when the game is played on PC?
2. Can newcomers try the game without knowing any crypto knowledge?
3. Can newcomers start earning in-game currency with the free character?

Staking (Game’s Governance Coin)
1. What is the minimum lock-in period?
2. How much is the annual percentage yield (APY)?
3. Is the process of staking easy to understand and execute for players?

It is a race. Crypto companies are creating games for the first time. Gaming companies are integrating blockchain technology for the first time. At the end of the day, I believe it will always be: Game First, Crypto Second. If the game is fun, the money will come.


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