What Is Your Favourite Day Of The Year?

Terence C.
4 min readDec 24, 2017


If I have to pick my favourite day out of the entire year, it would be Christmas Eve. It isn’t the case that I would do something different on Christmas Eve as compared to other days, but there is just something special about it. It is similar to how we feel towards certain people, or a specific someone. There is no particular reason.

We’re simply biased towards them.

As we usher in the new year, there will be a ton of people looking for magical inspirations and instructions towards having the next 365 days to be better ones. The bad news is — The magic isn’t gonna happen to you as instant as you want it to be. The good news is — There is always a method behind the magic, and you will taste awesomeness if you’re patient enough. I am a huge believer in the power of routine, and a good routine of thoughts, words and actions is what creates and grounds our reality. Here are 7 things that everyone should check them out in a heartbeat to have a major lift in your life. Some of them are so simple that we may not have given much thought about their impact on our lives.

  1. Diet
    What do you like to eat? What is healthy? What falls in both of these categories? What have you been eating that you know you should cut down on, but for whatever reason, you haven’t? What is that food or drink that you know you can’t give up on? What is something you’ve always wanted to try, but for whatever reason, you haven’t? Do you believe in fasting?
  2. Exercise
    Do you exercise? Why or why not? Where do you exercise? When do you usually exercise? Who do you exercise with? What is your favourite form of exercise? When or what was the moment when you realised that you absolutely love/hate exercising? When was the last time you replaced your sports equipments for better ones? Do you keep track of your progress?
  3. Peer Group
    Do you trust your family members? Why or why not? Do you have friends? Who are your friends? How do all of you spend time together? How about colleagues? Do you think you can rely on them? Is there someone that you’ve met, whether it is over the Internet or face-to-face, that somehow changed the way you thought of something? Is your peer group affecting you in the way that you’d like to be influenced?
  4. Environment
    How does your room looks? Is it the way that you’d like it to be? If it isn’t, how would you like it to be? How about your study/work desk? Your external world mirrors your internal world. If you’re someone who knows that you require a neat and tidy environment for you to think clearer, then strive to create such an environment. If you’re someone who knows that you need various stimulus for you to think creatively, then strive to create such an environment too.
  5. Sleep
    How does your bedroom looks like? Do you sleep with your phone beside you? Do you sleep with a glimpse of light shining across your windows, or can you only sleep when you’re in complete darkness? Have you been sleeping well? Why or why not? Is your bed, blanket or pillow the right one for you? What do you do before you sleep? Have you tried scented candles?
  6. New Learnings
    There is a lot to be said for looking back at our successes and not just appreciating them, but really recognising that the new challenges in fact are old dragons that we’ve already slain. At the same time, we cannot be complacent with our accomplishments. We’re only as good as our last at bat. What is your next goal post? Do you know how to cook a delicious dinner meal? Have you ran a marathon before? The list is extensive, but no list is long enough for you if you are not gonna choose.
  7. Stress Management
    Our minds are always eavesdropping on our self talks. When we receive a remark, do we perceive it as a criticism or a feedback? When you are in anxiety, how do you worry? Inward? Outward? Do you verbalize your worry, or do you contemplate about it? Do you worry alone, or do you worry with others? Personally, when I worry about something, I like to sit alone with my thoughts. But, it may be different for you. You may self-soothe better when you have a couple of drinks with your friends, or home with a journal in your hands. Does the people around you know how you self-soothe, and what they can do to make you feel better?

I hope I was able to tie some of the basic building blocks in a bow as a gift for you. With that…Merry Christmas!



Terence C.

There is a fine line between fishing and doing nothing. We would like to think that we’re fishing, but the truth is we don’t have the line.