Who Is MrBeast?

Previously, I wrote about some of the top MMA fighters such as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Francis Ngannou. Today, we’ll learn about one of the top YouTubers in the world — MrBeast.

Watch this interview about MrBeast.

I’ve heard about MrBeast peripherally, but I’ve not seen any of this content till last week. What was shocking to me wasn’t the fact that MrBeast had been consistently giving out over 6 digits of cold hard cash to his subscribers. It was the fact that most content creators scrutinise the initial 7–10 second video hook, but MrBeast scrutinises 7–10 minutes of a video. He isn’t interested in baiting you to click into his thumbnail and hooking you for a mere 10 seconds. He is obsessed in maintaining a 70% retention rate for his videos. Spoiler alert: he has done it and is currently sitting on more than 95 million subscribers.

Talk about hook, line and sinker!

There are many gems we can learn from his interview such as surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to point out your mistakes. Even though MrBeast seems to be doing a lot from opening a fast-food burger joint to producing content for MrBeast Reacts and MrBeast Gaming, he mentioned that all additional profit goes back into his official MrBeast channel. His goal is simple — to make the best YouTube videos. Everything else is a side quest in aid to support his main adventure.



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